Franchising Barfia

Barfia experienced explosive growth in 2016, with the on-boarding of 12 franchises across the country.

We plan to continue that growth in 2017, so more people can enjoy the Barfia experience in the UK and overseas. If you want to capitalise and build on Barfia’s success, read on.

Franchising Questions

There are many requirements that need to be met in order to franchise Barfia. We only want to work with exceptional people that can help take our brand and customer satisfaction to the next level.


Franchisees need the financial means to purchase a Barfia territory, outfit their shop, invest in local marketing and more. With that being said, the cost of franchising Barfia is lower than our nearest competitors.


Franchisees need to demonstrate a passion and real interest in our brand and products, the ability to work on their own initiative, marketing knowledge and more.
Barfia has clearly established its position as a luxury sweet maker. We have a strong brand, unique products and we continue to rapidly improve and grow.


We distribute our handmade products to our franchises on a weekly basis, we provide dedicated support and equip our franchisees with everything they need to set them up for success.
We prefer our potential franchisees to identify market opportunities and then present these to us.
Please contact us via email and explain a bit about yourself. Tell us why you want to franchise Barfia and where you see an opportunity.


A franchise manager will be in touch with you for an initial interview and to provide an overview on the application process.

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