Barfia’s New Logo?

For those eagle-eyed and curious followers who are wondering why and how exactly our logo has changed, we’d love to tell you the story behind it!   First, the ‘how’. The colour of the Barfia crown and text is now consistent, and more vibrant. However, the most significant change is the addition of ‘ESTd’ and ‘2013’   The ‘London’ label underneath Barfia in our logo is a key part of our history. London is where Barfia was first established and it’s key to [...]

A Bigger & Better Barfia!

Welcome to the new Barfia blog! Our last post was (embarrassingly) over a year ago and little else has changed or been updated on our website. But that’s all changing now! My name’s Sandip and I joined Barfia last month to assist our CEO, Sam Sidharh, in all elements of the business. From increasing growth to ensuring every single one of our customers is absolutely delighted with our products.   There are so many exciting changes in the pipeline and here are [...]


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