A Bigger & Better Barfia!

A Bigger & Better Barfia!

Welcome to the new Barfia blog! Our last post was (embarrassingly) over a year ago and little else has changed or been updated on our website. But that’s all changing now!

My name’s Sandip and I joined Barfia last month to assist our CEO, Sam Sidharh, in all elements of the business. From increasing growth to ensuring every single one of our customers is absolutely delighted with our products.


There are so many exciting changes in the pipeline and here are some that you can look forward to very soon:


  • In 2016 we opened 12 branches across the UK and that’s set to increase in 2017 meaning wherever you are you can visit one of our exquisite stores.


  • We’re known for our fusion barfis, however, customers have been asking for a traditional range too. Your local shop will have these within just the next few weeks.


  • Sometimes you might fancy something savoury rather than sweet. Our stores will soon offer a hot and cold savoury range for you to enjoy.


  • We have a growing number of stores with seating facilities, barista coffee and free WiFi so you can sit back, relax and catch-up with what’s going on in the world.


There are so many other small but important changes coming that will make the Barfia experience even more enjoyable.


And if somehow things don’t quite live up to expectations please reach out to me directly and I will sure things are made right.


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Thanks for being a part of the Barfia journey!

– Sandip

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